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Loyalty Program

Lincoln Park Emporium's Loyalty Program


Earn a $10.00 coupon for every $200.00 spent.



We have always felt that you, our customer, are the most important part of this business.  Your friendship and dedication has helped us grow and expand to where we are today. If it were not for you, your ideas, your help and of course purchases we never would have been able to expand to add Miss Mary's Kitchen Store.

We are updating our "Customer Loyalty Program" which is called "Resale Rewards".  This program is very easy to use for our customers. To join all we have to do is input your cell phone number and you are off and running.  You will recieve only one text inviting you to download the free Resale Rewards app that will help you track your progress to the next rewards coupon.  The app will also show you any other Resale Reward participating members in the area even when you are traveling around the country.

Your Resale Rewards coupons are also redeemable at any of the participating locations.

The $10.00 coupon is sent to your cell phone every time you reach $200.00 in merchandise purchase.



Effective 10-14-2016





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