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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have delivery?

We offer pickup and delivery for a fee based on distance to travel and size/weight per item.  Please see our Pickup/delivery fee charts.

How do you set the price on items?

The age, condition, style and history of an item is helpful in pricing the piece.  The Internet may be used to find similar items to get information about on-line selling prices.  This is used as a bench mark and not the final price.  We know what things will sell for in our community, in the current economy.

What happens if my things don’t sell?

After 90 days on consignment you may retrieve your belongings by giving us 48 hours notice.  You’ll find your items in the store and bring them to the front where boxes are available for packing.  Employees will not gather items but will assist when possible to locate items.  If you are picking up heavy and bulky items we will provide assistance.

What if I don’t want my things back?

When items do not sell within one year we will donate the items.

Can my family retrieve my things?

With your authorization, designated individuals may pick up your items.  They can also remain on consignment under the new name.

Can I leave my money on the books and buy things with it?

You have the option of leaving your proceeds on the books to use for purchasing items in the store.

What do you do to get people to come into the store?

Internet exposure and extensive, multi media ads are used to let people know about the store and the items available for sale.

What do you do to assist buyers?

We accept PayPal, cash, major credit cards, and checks.  Our Layaway is easy to use and makes it easier to buy more costly items.


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